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This page and our service for these activities are still under development for detail information please ask our associates.

Activities at GMV

Most guests use GMV as a base from which to enjoy activities in the vicinity, such as tours of and treks up Mt Agung (when permitted by the authorities), Mt Abang, and Mt Batur; walks through the rice fields or alongside the river; hiking; rafting; snorkelling; and much more. Others opt to book one of our half-day or full-day tours, for instance to Besakih Temple and Tirtaganga Water Palace. Still other guests prefer to do as little as possible – they visit us to enjoy the tranquillity of our resort, and to watch the sun set over Mt Agung while enjoying a dinner in one of our private pagodas overlooking the rice fields. Perhaps at some point during their stay they might endeavour to recreate the flavours of Bali by signing up for a cooking course or culinary experience at nearby Bali Asli Restaurant. Some guests enjoy practising yoga at sunrise, while others enjoy a traditional, relaxing massage after visiting a local temple in the morning. Others visit us before or after a week-long stay on one of Bali’s superb beaches, aiming to add an element of rest or adventure to their holiday. Team GMV will be happy to assist you in any way during your visit, and they are also happy to help you plan the rest of your holiday or suggest other activities/tours.

Looking for a unique honeymoon destination?

We also offer honeymoon packages and to our delight have already welcomed many newlyweds to our resort. We have even organised a few exclusive and very private weddings, and can take care of everything from the ceremony to catering (including a delicious wedding cake) and photographers. Drop us a line at if you are interested in using GMV as your wedding venue to discuss the options available to you.

Exploring the beauty of nature

We also offer several organised activities which guests can select to enjoy as part of their stay; these are particularly focused on exploring the verdant environment surrounding the resort. Guests can explore the hills, rivers, and rice fields with a local guide and learn about the culture and natural environment in the neighbourhood of Mount Agung. These short tours will bring you closer to the sounds of nature, enhancing your stay at GMV

Please find further details of these activities below:


Rice Field Walk

Spend a few hours walking through the beautiful rice fields right in front of our resort, with the spectacular view of Mount Agung as an unforgettable backdrop. A local guide will enhance your experience by pointing out the local flora and fauna while also explaining how the Balinese rice-farming  system work. This enjoyable activity can be arranged for individuals, couples, or groups and will be led by one of our experienced local guides.

 Prices start at USD 15 per person
Rice Field Walk Great Mountain Views resort

Hill Trekking

Right next to our resort there is a peak which offers spectacular views from its summit of charming Mount Agung and the villages below, with Bali’s southern ocean in the distance. The hike to the summit takes approximately three hours and is led by one of our experienced local guides (min. two participants).

Prices start at USD 20 per person

Romantic Dinner under the Night Sky

GMV offers every couple the chance to enjoy a romantic dinner under the starry sky with stunning mountain views to enjoy alongside your romantic meal. Prior to the meal you will enjoy a half-hour walk in the rice fields and the chance to imbibe our special Arak Fusion cocktail.

Prices start at USD 28 per person

Balinese Massage

Whether you are feeling tired after a climb or hike, or simply want to add an element of self care, adding a massage to your holiday experience is always a good idea. GMV offers relaxing, traditional massages to help you fully relax. Our local masseuses specialize in one-hour-long Balinese massages that will relax your muscles and leave you feeling invigorated. Massages can take place either in our specially equipped spa room or in your villa. Bookings must be made 24 hours in advance.

Prices start at USD 14 per person

In order to properly manage the above activities, give us a minimum of 48 hours to arrange and prepare, so it is recommended that you make a booking in advance, for last minute order and Short Stay the activity will subject on some circumstances.

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